Moscow, russia
Kate Soaha
an artist, illustrator, urban sketcher

Current project: Virtual Round the World Trip with Petr Savchenko
I draw everything that I found attractive
The most attractive thing for me now is a city. Streets, side streets, buildings, palaces... Light and shadow. And people.
Here are some of my Moscow sketches:
Sometimes I draw from photos, but prefer to draw on location. (Arbat Street, Moscow)
My favourite materials are brush markers. Also I use liners, watercolors, pencil, colored pencils and ink. For digital illustrations I use Wacom, Photoshop and Illustrator.
On this picture: Bangkok
By minimum means
On plainair with watercolors I use a tablet 45x45 cm, 12 watercolors, two sable brushes and a folding chair to sit.
Sometime I draw flowers :)
And sometimes – portraits.
But my most often subject, all the same, is a city :)
Feel free to write me at
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