Kate Soaha
I'm an illustrator based in Moscow.

Current project: Virtual Round the World Trip with Petr Savchenko
Some pictures from this project:
I make my illustrations both digitally and on paper, using liners, markers, watercolors, colored pencils and ink.

On the pic:
«Just then he saw a man-of-war bird with his long black wings circling in the sky ahead of him. He made a quick drop, slanting down on his back-swept wings, and then circled again.
"He's got something," the old man said aloud. "He's not just looking."»
From "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway
Illustrations for a book of poems by Petr Savchenko "Теплые вещи":
Map of Porto

I like to search for color inspiration, everywhere - in nature, at shops, in people's looks. Often I make color patterns which I use in my illustrations later on. So I like to make same illustration in different colors :)
Sometimes I meditate on botanical watercolors :)
Disign-factory «Flacon, Moscow
Often I use for my illustrations sketches which I made in subway, in cafe or at a concert :)
Background for an animation film (fragments)
Feel free to write me at
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